Diocese of Los Angeles & the West
Parish Life Conference
Hosted By: St. Luke Church (Garden Grove, CA)
June 28 - July 2, 2023 ~ Irvine Marriott

Annually, the Archdiocese has three competetion at each Diocse Parish Life Conference for the parishes to paricipate. based on the book of the annual Conference Theme

  • Bible Bowl: two hour competiton at the Parish Lfie Conference for each parish to have team of three (3) for each division
    • Pre-Teens (Ages 10-12)
    • Junior (Ages 13-19)
    • Senior (Ages 16-19)
    • (Ages 13-19; the team that win at each each Diocese Conference will compete among the other Diocese's.
    • Adults (20 and older)
  • Creative Festivals: each parish have the children from Pre-school through high school submit entry in one or more fo the follow categories:
    • Arts
    • Photography
    • Poetry
    • Video 
    • Writing
  • Oratorical Festival: Teens in each parish deliver a public speach at the Parish Life Conference, based on the Conference theme in two divisions.  
    • Junior (Ages 13-15)
    • Senior (Ages 16-19) The orator that win at each Diocese Conference will compete among the other Diocese's.




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